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Agent of Enchantment (Dark Fae FBI #1) by C. N. Crawford and Alex Rivers

Thank you to NetGalley, Weapenry Co-Op and the authors for allowing me to read and review this book.  This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

agent of enchantmentI really enjoyed this story as it combines two of my favourite genres – fantasy and thriller.

If you like the popular FBI profiling TV shows, you will enjoy reading Agent of Enchantment.

FBI agent and profiler, Cassandra Liddell is sent on assignment to London to help with an investigation into a series of Jack the Ripper copycat killings.

Things, however, aren’t as they seem.  Cassandra starts seeing things that she can’t explain and she becomes aware that something supernatural is involved in these killings but how can she explain this to the local police without coming off as being crazy?

On her first night in London, Cassandra is attacked by two men, who definitely don’t appear to be human and is rescued by a lethally alluring fae.  She cannot decide if he is a main suspect in the murders or if he is trying to help her.  Does he have his own agenda?  What does he want from her?  Cassandra doesn’t know who to trust when the tables are turned and the police start to suspect her of being involved.

In her attempts to clear her name and find the real killer, Cassandra finds out that she isn’t all human.  Her world is turned upside down and she has to fight for her life.

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This is an exciting roller-coaster read that will hook you from the beginning and keep you enthralled until the end.

This fab writing duo of Crawford and Rivers works seamlessly to provide an entertaining and thrilling story. Agent of Enchantment is a great start to the Dark Fae FBI series and I can’t wait to read the next book. I found the characters riveting; the plot was very intriguing and left me wanting to read more. This is definitely a series I will be following as it is full of fresh ideas and interesting characters.

Agent of Enchantment deserves an entertaining

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No Filter by Orlagh Collins

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Orlagh Collins and Bloomsbury for allowing me to read and review this ARC.  This is my honest and unbiased opinion of “No Filter”.

No Filter is the story that reminds us all of that summer … the one where your life changed … the unforgettable memory of the one you still think about sometimes when you let your mind wander.

Orlagh’s debut YA novel is fresh, poignant and the characters are interesting and quirky, lending to this book’s appeal.

no filterEmerald comes from a privileged background but her family has dark secrets that threaten to change her life forever.

She comes home to find her mother unconscious on the bathroom floor.  Her father sends her mother off to rehab and Emerald is packed off to Ireland to live with her grandmother for the holidays.

Emerald feels lost and alone without her usual access to social media … until she meets Liam at the beach. Something special sparks between them and they both go on a journey of discovery to find their true selves and ignite their heart desires.

This is such an authentic, relatable, feel good story about two young people overcoming their personal and family struggles to find their own way in the world.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Emerald but she grew on me.  Her character is unfiltered and she follows her instincts.  She wins you over and makes you think about your own life.

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Liam is a gentle, quirky, repressed musician, who makes the perfect, very appealing YA heartthrob. He cares about other people and tries very hard to please his family, despite wanting more out of life than what they want for him.

This isn’t a predictable read.  I loved the mini plots interwoven amongst the characters featured in this book.  It was an enjoyable and interesting story that I think you will find very engaging.  It’s the perfect summer read and left me feeling happy!

Orlagh, I loved “No Filter” and look forward to your next novel.

This feel good book deserves an inspiring

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Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

This is not normally the type of book that I would gravitate towards reading but I loved it!  I urge you all to read it as this is an unique and life altering story.  Ginny Moon’s story broke my heart into a 1000 pieces as I was given a rare insight into the mind of a young, autistic girl.

After being removed from her abusive, drug addict mother, Gloria, at nine years old, Ginny finally finds her “forever home” with her new “forever mGinny Moonom and dad”.  It’s just the type of home that all foster children long for.

Ginny appears to be an average teenager – she plays flute in the school band, practices basketball every week – but she is also autistic, so she views life differently to most of us. Everything said to her is taken literally and she can only answer one question at a time.  She values honesty and cannot abide lies.  Ginny starts every day with exactly nine grapes, she loves bacon and pineapple pizza and is Michael Jackson’s biggest fan.

So why is 14 year old Ginny so desperate to be kidnapped by her birth mother and return to that awful existence that nearly killed her?  Who is this Baby Doll that Ginny left in a suitcase in her mother’s house?

This is a heart melting and touching story that ends with Ginny truly finding her place in the world when she realises that her past is truly her past and she can embrace her new life with her “forever” family.

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Everyone needs to read Ginny Moon.  Take a chance.  You won’t regret it.  It will have a positive impact on the way you think about your life.  It has such an authentic appeal and I dare you not to be moved by Ginny’s story.

This uplifting book deserves a heart-warming

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The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol

Firstly, thank you so much to James for sending me a copy of your amazing debut novel,The Apprentice Witch, which I absolutely loved reading! This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

This is an enapprentice witchchanting read and I couldn’t put it down.  It’s one of those books that I wish didn’t come to an end as I wanted to read more about Arianwyn’s witchy adventures.  I can’t wait for the next book!

Arianwyn Gribble is poised to undertake her evaluation to become a fully-fledged witch but something goes horribly wrong and she fails her assessment.  With intervention by her grandmother, who serves on the Witches Council of Elders, Arianwyn is granted the status of Apprentice Witch and is sent off to serve the community of a sleepy town called Lull, in disgrace.

On her bus journey to her new home, she meets Salle Bowen and they become fast friends, which Arianwyn needs as she doesn’t know anyone in Lull.  Before leaving, she chooses a book from her grandmother’s bookshop titled “The Apprentice Witch’s Handbook”, which offers Arianwyn some comfort.  She is uncertain of her future but determined to prove that she is worthy of being a witch.

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Arianwyn soon discovers that there are lots of strange and magical things lurking in the shadows of the Great Wood forest near the town.  Things aren’t going smoothly for Arianwyn.  The more she tries to help families rid themselves of magical pests like snotlings, the more trouble she seems to get into when things go horribly wrong.

Nightmares of dark and evil magic and the arrival of her old school bully and rival, Gimma, throws Arianwyn’s world into turmoil as they are assigned to work together.  Unbeknownst to everyone around her, Arianwyn is struggling to contain a mysterious magic inside her.  Will she manage to contain it or will it wreak havoc on this small town?

The Apprentice Witch is a real coming of age story, with strong themes of friendship and courage, and characters you can’t help but love!  Arianwyn will weave her magical powers over you and capture your heart.  Even the premise that there are four cardinal glyphs used by witches when they create spells is totally believable.  It is as if James is allowing us a glimpse into a world we haven’t yet discovered as all the details seem so authentic.

I love the fact that the heroine in this story, Arianwyn, is filled with human flaws but is incredibly brave and overcomes her lack of confidence in herself to save the town.

James has assembled a great cast of characters from the bumbling mayor Josiah Belcher, to the mean and spiteful Gimma and the strong matriarchal figure of her grandmother. It is a tale of friendship, bravery and the power of self-belief.  This is a delightful and entertaining story, which I’m sure that you will enjoy as much as I have.

This captivating book is worthy of 

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Amber Green Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ for allowing me to read and review this ARC.  This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

This feel good, fun read is all about Amber and her adventures as a novice stylist.

AmberAmber Green Takes Manhattan works at Selfridges in London, styling their windows and requests a sabbatical for three months to join her boyfriend, Rob, in New York where he will be filming the infamous Angel Wear lingerie models in a documentary in the lead up to their famous fashion show.

Amber is desperate to pay her way so she sets about finding an agent so that she can get some styling work sent her way.  Dana, her agent, tells her that she needs to increase her followers on Instagram and gives her access to one of the top fashion shows.

Without giving too much away, Amber is determined to take New York fashion world by storm and her rise to fame starts here in the most unexpected way.

Amber didn’t realise at the time that she would be involved with wrangling unruly toddlers on a photo shoot or being blackmailed into participating in a clandestine designer handbag scam.  She also didn’t expect to be styling a Hollywood star, who prefers the au naturel way of dressing, where less is definitely more.

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Fate intervenes and introduces Amber to Maurice Chan, a former famous fashion designer who could either turn her career around or ruin it forever.  Should she take a chance on him?

This is the perfect feel good women’s fiction read filled with fun, adventure, glamour and fashion. You feel like you’re on the journey alongside Amber, experiencing all her highs and lows, not to mention getting a taste of what’s it’s like behind stage of a fashion show.

This book warrants a fabulous


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The Curious Affair of the Somnambulist & the Psychic Thief by Lisa Tuttle

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House Hydra for allowing me to read and review this ARC.  This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Let me somnabulist psychic thiefstart by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  It’s definitely reminiscent of a Sherlock Holmes mystery and it delivers the atmosphere of Victorian England set in London in 1893.

The tale concerns a duo of investigative detectives, Jasper Jesperson and Aphrodite ‘Di’ Lane.

Miss Lane works with her companion of four years, Gabrielle Fox, for the SPR (Society for Psychical Research).  She discovers that they are engaging in fraud.  Shocked by this, Miss Lane abruptly departs for London, to look for work and lodgings as she is without funds to support herself.  She unexpectedly comes across an advertisement for an assistant detective in a shop window and applies.  Miss Lane meets Jasper and is hired on the spot.

Jasper (very much like Sherlock Holmes) is an highly intelligent lateral thinker with a wide array of interesting skills at his disposal.  As a contrast, Miss Lane is a more logical, rational person with a strong fascination for anything psychic related.


Since they need to obtain some well-funded cases, Miss Lane reluctantly writes to all her previous contacts telling them of her change in career and recommending Jasper and herself for any investigations they may require.

They soon find themselves with a number of separate cases, which strangely turn out to be linked.

One of the cases is to determine why Mr Creevy, a happily married man, has suddenly resumed sleepwalking.

Lord Bennington, a previous acquaintance of Miss Lane, invites them to a private seance by a Mr Chase, a reportedly powerful psychic from America.  The duo discover that a number of mediums have recently vanished, including Hilda Jessop.

The pair investigates only to find that this is related to Mr Creevy’s sleepwalking in a very interesting and mysterious way.  Miss Lane herself becomes the target of a ruthless, dangerous and powerful force and is kidnapped.  What is their fate?  Will Jesperson get to the bottom of the mystery?

The language of the story is directly in keeping with the Victorian era and lends itself well to the mystery woven in this tale.  The atmosphere and characters are interesting and well written.  The story caught and held my interest from beginning to end.  I particularly enjoyed the psychic twist to the tale.  Even the fog played its role in lending itself to creating the mysterious and slightly frightening atmosphere experienced by some of the characters.

I hope that this is the first book of a series as I would definitely like to read more about these detectives and their interesting cases.

This book deserves a fascinating


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Legion (Talon Series Book 4) by Julie Kagawa

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ for allowing me to read and review Legion. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Since this bookLegion by Julie Kagawa is due to be published on 4 May, I haven’t given away too much as I don’t spoil it for other readers of this series.

Julie Kagawa does not disappoint in her new book in the Talon series, Legion.

Dante, Ember’s brother, is firmly entrenched in Talon on his quest to take over the organisation and finally be free.  There is only one thing missing… he needs Ember to join him.

Ember still cannot believe that Dante wants to be part of Talon and misguidedly believes that he doesn’t know the truth about the organisation.  She just wants a chance to talk to him so that she can finally find out the truth.

Without divulging too much, Ember, Garret and Riley walk into a trap at Talon.  They learn new developments that will change the war between The Order, the rogues and Talon forever.

Who will win?

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This book is so thrilling and action packed, that I couldn’t put it down.  The romance won’t disappoint either for those of you concerned about the “love triangle.”  There are some interesting twists that will surprise you.

I cannot wait for the next book as this one ended on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to read what happens next!  Julie, please don’t keep us waiting too long!

This fantastic read deserves


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The Summerhouse by the Sea by Jenny Oliver

Summerhouse by the SeaThank you to NetGalley and HQ for allowing me to read and review Summerhouse by the Sea.  This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

I’ve just finished reading this delightful, feel-good book.  I think that it is a must read for the summer holidays, but even more so, this beautifully written story explores family relationships, how they affect us in ways not always apparent and how we can rise above them to become our own person.

This is an intelligent, well written, touching tale of love, loss and realising what truly matters in life – contentment and acceptance.

This story revolves around siblings, Rory and Ava Fisher, whose mother, Isabel, was a famous singer.  She deserted them to all intents and purposes when they were young.  Their father is a somewhat distant figure, but luckily they holidayed frequently with their grandmother, Val,  and she provided some much needed stability and love to their lives.

When their grandmother passes away, Rory wants to sell her home, the Summerhouse in Spain, but Ava decides to stay on for a while after the funeral, taking a leave of absence from work and renting out her flat in London.  Rory, a filmmaker, suffers a professional mishap and needs to escape his failing career so he joins Ava, along with his son, Max.  His wife, Claire, is left behind in London as she has work commitments.

The wonderful supporting characters, who were friends of Val such as Flora, Gabriella, Rosa, etc., enrich this charming and funny story, and play an important role in influencing the life decisions ultimately made by Rory and Ava.  Let’s not forget about Tom either, Ava’s one time celebrity crush.

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Without giving too much away as this book is only available for pre-order at the moment, both Rory and Ava have to acknowledge how much  their disaffected parents have influenced their personal relationships.  To move on from this realisation, they have to accept themselves and decide what they want out of life. An interesting underlying thread running throughout this story is the impact that technology has had on their lives and that having a detox from their phones, etc., enabled them to discover what was truly meaningful.

This book is full of humour, warmth, love and a touch of romance.  It will leave you feeling uplifted and is guaranteed to make you smile.

It is full of happy endings!  I loved reading it and I’m sure that you will too.

This charming book deserves a celebrated 


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Stone Keeper (Middengard Sagas #1) by June Wilson 

“The day Alice met the twins her life changed for ever. Not like the day she cut her hair off and hated it.  Or the even the day her father told her she had to spend six months in Australia.  No, this was a big change, a huge change – almost, you could say, an impossible one.  Because it was the day she got mixed up in Middengard.  The day she stepped into the prophecy.  Not that she knew that. Not then.”

Fifteen yeStone Keeperar-old Alice Morgan is sent to live with her rich relatives in Melbourne, but she feels very out of place and is homesick.  She wishes that she could return to England to find out more about her mother’s disappearance years ago.

Alice goes for a walk and is drawn to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, where she finds herself passing through the Heim Gate, which deposits her into Middengard. This is a realm hidden from the world of men and peopled by an ancient warrior race known as  the Hilderinc.  If things weren’t bad enough already, Alice discovers that her cousin Toby and her annoying friend Jess have followed her, putting their own lives in jeopardy as humans are forbidden to enter this realm.

She meets Stanor, the Gate Warden, and his warrior daughters, who are trying to get them to the safety of Skellstor.   Alice learns to her astonishment that the pendant left to her by  her mother is one of the Doom Stones.  It is a powerful stones that is needed to protect both Middengard and the world of men from destructive forces.

Soon Alice, Toby and Jess become embroiled in a battle to help the Hilderinc defeat one of their own, a rebel intent on upsetting the balance of power.

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Without giving too much away, this is a very interesting story.  I really enjoyed the book and I look forward to reading the sequel.

The chapters swap between events past and present in both England and Australia.  It’s well written and helps to bring to light what took place during her parents’ disappearances in different parts of the story.  It is interesting to note that the folk lore relating to the Hilderinc is of Norse origin.

The plot is complex and the characters, though frustrating at times, are relatable and well developed.

Any reader who enjoys the likes of Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia or similar will enjoy this book.

This book by June Wilson earns a well-deserved



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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Court of Thorns and RosesThis twist on the Beauty and the Beast classic tale is an original, enthralling and highly enjoyable read with rich and interesting characters.

Nineteen year old Freye is out hunting for food for her family.  Feyre fights for the survival of her family after being left destitute due to her father’s bad business dealings and debts.  She hunts for food and sells what she can for whatever else they need to survive.  Feyre made a promise to her dying mother to take care of the family. She is a survivor and taught herself how to shoot, how to skin hides, etc.  Her sisters and father don’t really do anything to help her and rely on her heavily.

While out hunting, Freye kills a huge wolf in the woods and a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it.  She agrees to go with this creature and is taken to a treacherous, magical land without the prospect of ever returning home.  To reassure Freye, he promises that her family will be well taken care of in her absence.  Later, Freye discovers that her captor isn’t a beast, but Tamlin, a fearsome, immortal faery whose kind once ruled the world.

The longer Freye resides on Tamlin’s estate, the more her feelings change towards him.  She realises that a lot of lies and warnings about this world of Fae aren’t true.  An ancient evil is coming for Tamlin and Feyre must find a way to stop it or doom Tamlin and his world forever.


I’ve always enjoyed faerie stories and everyone knows that faeries aren’t to be trusted so this adds an extra dimension to this tale.  An interesting twist in this story was figuring out what was trying to kill/take over the faerie world and how it could affect the human world since the border between the worlds would be breached if this evil succeeded.

The romance that develops slowly between Freye and Tamlin is touching as it’s great that the good guy finally gets the girl in the story.

I have read all the books in this series by Sarah J.Maas so far and thoroughly enjoyed them so I hope that you will like reading them too.

A word of caution though…this series is not suitable for younger readers as there is some adult content.

This book warrants an awesome


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