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Attention Young Writers


Have you heard about NanoWriMo?

I’ve have been running NanoWriMo (National Write A Novel In A Month) with my young writers aged 11 – 18 very successfully for several years now .  It is an international writing challenge that takes place every year during the month of November.  The idea is to write a novel in 30 days from 1 November to 30 November.  You have fantastic resources available on the NanoWriMo website to get you started in preparation for the writing challenge.

There is a NanoWriMo Camp starting on 1 April for those of you who want a taste of what it’s like to participate in this fantastic challenge.  Or if you’ve taken part before, you may wish to take advantage of this writing opportunity.

Don’t feel stressed.  You can set your own word count target for your novel.  Just make sure that it challenges you so don’t make it too easy, otherwise you won’t feel like you’ve achieved your potential.

It’s great fun.  Check out this link for more information.