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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Court of Thorns and RosesThis twist on the Beauty and the Beast classic tale is an original, enthralling and highly enjoyable read with rich and interesting characters.

Nineteen year old Freye is out hunting for food for her family.  Feyre fights for the survival of her family after being left destitute due to her father’s bad business dealings and debts.  She hunts for food and sells what she can for whatever else they need to survive.  Feyre made a promise to her dying mother to take care of the family. She is a survivor and taught herself how to shoot, how to skin hides, etc.  Her sisters and father don’t really do anything to help her and rely on her heavily.

While out hunting, Freye kills a huge wolf in the woods and a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it.  She agrees to go with this creature and is taken to a treacherous, magical land without the prospect of ever returning home.  To reassure Freye, he promises that her family will be well taken care of in her absence.  Later, Freye discovers that her captor isn’t a beast, but Tamlin, a fearsome, immortal faery whose kind once ruled the world.

The longer Freye resides on Tamlin’s estate, the more her feelings change towards him.  She realises that a lot of lies and warnings about this world of Fae aren’t true.  An ancient evil is coming for Tamlin and Feyre must find a way to stop it or doom Tamlin and his world forever.


I’ve always enjoyed faerie stories and everyone knows that faeries aren’t to be trusted so this adds an extra dimension to this tale.  An interesting twist in this story was figuring out what was trying to kill/take over the faerie world and how it could affect the human world since the border between the worlds would be breached if this evil succeeded.

The romance that develops slowly between Freye and Tamlin is touching as it’s great that the good guy finally gets the girl in the story.

I have read all the books in this series by Sarah J.Maas so far and thoroughly enjoyed them so I hope that you will like reading them too.

A word of caution though…this series is not suitable for younger readers as there is some adult content.

This book warrants an awesome


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