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Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

This is not normally the type of book that I would gravitate towards reading but I loved it!  I urge you all to read it as this is an unique and life altering story.  Ginny Moon’s story broke my heart into a 1000 pieces as I was given a rare insight into the mind of a young, autistic girl.

After being removed from her abusive, drug addict mother, Gloria, at nine years old, Ginny finally finds her “forever home” with her new “forever mGinny Moonom and dad”.  It’s just the type of home that all foster children long for.

Ginny appears to be an average teenager – she plays flute in the school band, practices basketball every week – but she is also autistic, so she views life differently to most of us. Everything said to her is taken literally and she can only answer one question at a time.  She values honesty and cannot abide lies.  Ginny starts every day with exactly nine grapes, she loves bacon and pineapple pizza and is Michael Jackson’s biggest fan.

So why is 14 year old Ginny so desperate to be kidnapped by her birth mother and return to that awful existence that nearly killed her?  Who is this Baby Doll that Ginny left in a suitcase in her mother’s house?

This is a heart melting and touching story that ends with Ginny truly finding her place in the world when she realises that her past is truly her past and she can embrace her new life with her “forever” family.

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Everyone needs to read Ginny Moon.  Take a chance.  You won’t regret it.  It will have a positive impact on the way you think about your life.  It has such an authentic appeal and I dare you not to be moved by Ginny’s story.

This uplifting book deserves a heart-warming

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