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The Other Queen by Rebecca Jaycox (The Inheritance Series Book 2)

In the Other world, two girls, both powerful Aether Mages, are destined to join together to annihilate the Dark Mage.  He is determined to destroy them and reap their powers in his evil quest to rule their world.

Reggie is a powerful Aether Mage in the Other World but in the Real World, she was just an ordinary 17 year old girl.  She is captured by Andrius, the Dark Mage, but man
ages to escape from him and finally makes it safely to her guardian, Rhys.

Reggie makes some important allies in the Other to help her to firstly free her father, who is an extremely powerful Aether Mage and secondly to assist with rescuing all the wretched souls being experimented upon and tortured by Andrius.

Asher, an Air Mage, who was once enslaved to Andrius, falls in love with Reggie and promises revenge as his family was killed by the Dark Mage.  He joins Rhys and Reggie in their quest to destroy Andrius.

Reggie finds out that Andrius has taken hostage of her mother and her best friend, John.  Andrius is using them as leverage as he ultimately wants to get his hands on Reggie to use her blood to create an army of the dead.  He desires to rule the world and destroy all those who seek to revolt against him.

Rhys is trying desperately to free her father from his magical prison as they need him to be able to defeat Andrius, but he needs Reggie’s magical assistance even if she hasn’t fully mastered control of it yet.  Rhys, who is also the leader of the rebellion, helps Reggie learn to control her magic and together, they free her father from the magic that has kept him imprisoned inside a tree.

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Andrius is aware that her father has been freed and now they have to quickly devise a plan to defeat him before he has too much time to plan their demise.

Reggie’s dreams are invaded by a terrified, strange girl who calls herself the Black Queen.  She begs Reggie to free her from being tortured by Andrius. Reggie instinctively knows that the Black Queen could provide the key to breaking the Dark Mage’s hold on the Other.

Brywn, who is like a big brother to Reggie, uses his magical inner wolf to help her to rescue the Black Queen.  She is the missing key, who is able to nullify magic and hide her powers from Andrius.  They just need to figure out how to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Without giving it too much away, the story ends on a cliff-hanger, where Reggie hands herself over to Andrius in order to save her friends.  So now, Andrius has the two people whom he wants most in his possession to make his family complete, Reggie and her mother.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel!  I enjoyed the overall plot and there were a few laugh out loud moments that eased some of the tension experienced by the characters in the story.

Thank you to NetGalley for letting me read and review this book.

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