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Christmas at Woolworths by Elaine Everest

I enjoy seasonal reads and Christmas at Woolworths was such an enjoyable and enlightening read!

This is my honest and unbiased review in return for a copy of this book from the publishers.

christmas at woolworthsI found myself fully immersed in the story all the way through the book.  The characters are well developed, authentic and endearing.  I loved that the women were depicted as strong, interesting and inspirational characters.

Right from the start, I was intrigued to find out what life was like for those amazing women living in Erith, Kent.  Freya, Ruby, Maisie, Sarah, Betty, Maureen, Vera and Pat to name but a few of the characters are all very different people drawn together during WWII.  Some of them have bonded whilst working at Woolworths, and others by living together and supporting one another in this tight-knit community.

Although I am too young to have lived during this war era, I found myself reflecting on what life must have been like for these people.  Their strength and camaraderie is inspirational and heart-warming.  Each character is highly motivated to do their part to try and end the war so life could return to normal.  They endured the constant threat of scary air raids and buildings being bombed, but all the while trying to lead as normal lives as possible.

Woolworths is the hub of the town that people relied upon to create a sense of normality and where women could prove that they are as capable of doing a magnificent job of running a business as men could.  As you are most likely aware, in those days, women were expected to stay at home and men ran the businesses.  These wonderful women fund-raised to support the war effort and also provided auxiliary support for fire services and ARP, as well as taking in refugees into their homes.

This wonderfully written, well researched book gives an amazing insight into the lives of these brave characters.  I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, which offered intimate glimpses into their budding friendships and romances.  The intrigue and mystery created by some new arrivals made me very curious indeed to keep reading!

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I was kept thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.  This book is full of exciting plots and interesting characters.  I didn’t want the story to end!

I can highly recommend this book, not only as a fantastic Christmas read, but also as a heart-warming story that will leave you filled with good cheer and a sense of positivity for the festive season!

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Open A Toolkit For How Magic And Messed Up Life Can Be by Gemma Cairney

I arranged an author visit from Gemma Cairney  at my school through Elaine at Silverwood Events on 15 March 2017.

Gemma is Open a toolkit for how magic and messed up life can be by Gemma Cairneycurrently touring the UK to promote  her debut book, Open A Toolkit For How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be.

The Book

When I received my advance copy, I was so impressed with the content and the unique, easy to read format of the book.  It’s colourful, well illustrated and highly appealing to teenagers.  It will become “a wise best friend in a book” as quoted by Caitlin Moran.

Gemma covers all issues experienced by teens such as family, friendship, love, stress, loss, addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, body image, etc.  Too many to mention here, but so relevant to life in the 21st century. These issues are sensitively dealt with and beautifully explained in language that teens will relate to and understand.

Besides being highly recommended for all teens, I think that this book will be a fantastic resource for all parents, guardians, carers and staff working in education or with teenagers in any other capacity.

The Author Visit

Gemma spoke to my Year 8 students and they hung on her every word.  She used the platform of an informal chat on stage with Bea Cross, from Macmillan Publishers, dsicussing the content of her book and her own experiences.  Students asked lots of interesting and relevant questions, which Gemma happily answered.

The letter that Gemma had written to her 14 year old self, which she read at the end of her talk was truly inspiring.  It appears at the end of her book.

Afterwards, Gemma signed a pile of books and spoke to a queue of students.

Some of the students stayed on to participate in recording a podcast with Gemma, discussing some of the issues they had experienced in their lives.

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The students, who attended the author visit are still talking about how much they enjoyed the talk and meeting Gemma a week later.

Gemma, touring in her bright yellow double decker bus, spread positivity with her sunny disposition amongst the students and staff at our school.  It was a thought provoking and inspirational visit.

I wish Gemma every success on her continued tour and feel honoured to have spent time with her.  She clearly cares about helping teenagers cope with life issues.

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